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The New Mexico Liquor Control Act established the Alcohol Server Education program in 1993, which mandates that every liquor licensee or lessee who manages, directs or controls the sale or service of alcohol and all servers who sell, serve or dispense alcoholic beverages for consumption on or off the licensed premises must satisfactorily complete an alcohol server program every three years.

Elizabeth Montoya Findling, Owner of Southwest Training Services has been certified by the Alcohol & Gaming Division to conduct Alcohol Server Training and Certification classes throughout New Mexico. Elizabeth has taken an active role in assisting the State to develop and refine class material to come up with an excellent curriculum and workbook to be used throughout the State.

After years of teaching, Elizabeth has retired, effective 1/2021.

If you need more information on where you can obtain training, please
contact the New Mexico Alcoholic Beverage Control Division at (505) 476-4875 or website: http://www.rid.state.nm.us/

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